I deliberated at great length before deciding to trade through this period. Needless to say all functions and events I had in my calendar have been cancelled. Regular bookings are the same and orders for retail outlets have also ceased.

I felt the need to step aside and allow the cafes and pubs in the area to gain as much business as possible as they have larger rent to pay than I do, given I am home based. I will myself be supporting them and ordering the quality meals they have on offer. I have however decided to offer a small range of more 'picnic' style items as well as a limited range of budget meals, as I too need to keep afloat and at least use the produce and stocks I already have on hand. Anything on offer will be subject to availability, and pricing will need to be based on the somewhat escalated costs of some produce during this unprecedented time.


You can refer to my home meals page to select some items but  not all will be available, all of the time, throughout this period. Availability and prices will be on application for each order. In addition to the items on the home meals page, please see below a shortlist of other more 'snacky' offerings, all suitable for a more casual family meal or an outdoor picnic should the weather permit.  Most items would be offered fresh but are also ideal for freezing down. I will update this list daily based n what I have on hand

Orders for delivery by 6pm need to be in by 10am on the same day and I will do the best I can to secure produce to complete the order if I don't already have it on hand. Some items might be available at shorter notice.

I can offer pick up and delivery...both of which can be con-tactless if you so prefer. Payment can be made by CC over the phone or on collection, or by receipt of EFT transfer emailed to me prior to delivery. Cash is ok too but not preferable given social distancing recommendations. A minimum order of $50 qualifies for free delivery in Ballan and Gordon. I can assure you that health and safety standards as set by the government are adhered to in preparation and delivery of all goods.


I wish you and your family well and beseech you to stay at home unless of course you are one of the lucky ones that still have your job. Stay safe, well and indoors as much as possible so we an kick this thing sooner rather than later!

Family size Quiche Lorraine - 8 generous slices - $35

Family Size Vegetarian Quiche - 8 generous slices - $35

Family Size Roast Pumpkin and Fetta Frittata 20cm square (GF - V)- $35

Vegetarian Lasagna - serves avg 600 gms - $12.50 - or family size for $45

Creamy Pumpkin Soup - $6 a serve

One Dozen Home Made Sausage Rolls (8 cm)  - $25

Half Dozen Scones with Jam and Cream - $15

Cinnamon Scrolls  - Pack of 6 - $15

Pack of 4 Jelly Slice - $15

Slices of Banana cake - $3

Apple and Zucchini Cake with Warm Butterscotch Sauce (8cm square) - very much like a sticky date pudding - $5

....and you can ask me about anything else you fancy. If will do it if I can...perhaps put together a picnic basket for the family to enjoy?


For orders please Email  or phone 0417829675